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Image of MC streamer HYDESViLLE

Welcome to the Twitch Streamers Wiki[]

This wiki is about Twitch Streamers. I wanted to make a wiki about this sort of thing, being very interested in Twitch streams, especially Minecraft. I will add more twitch streamers to this wiki soon, and maybe you can help.

Wiki Info[]

This wiki will have information about Twitch and Twitch streamers. 

Latest activity[]

List of MineCraft streamers:

BadBoyHalo He's a 5'8 Floridian MC streamer, he's claustrophobic and is part of the dream SMP, who hates cursing and loves muffins. He's probably one of the friendliest guys you'll see.


Image of MC streamer GeorgeNotFound

GeorgeNotFound A 24 yr old MC youtuber/streamer who is also Part of the dream SMP, he's colourblind and British. He seems to really like Cats, previously having one named Luca.

HYDESViLLE (Small streamer) A 16 yr old (?) MC/gaming streamer from Scotland, he's transgender, hates the ocean and mentions being an AP/dual enrollment student. He also mentions a boyfriend a lot.


Image of MC streamer BadBoyHalo

HBomb94 27 yr old gaming youtuber who also streams MC on twitch. He takes parts in the MC championships, and originally from Chicago, USA.

DreamWasTaken Youtuber/twitch streamer who's absolutely famous for MC, 21 yrs old and the main guy in the dream SMP. He mentions living/being from Florida, and hasn't revealed his face.

PopePurple (Small streamer) 20 yr old from Tennessee, USA and now lives in Washington. He speaks some Spanish, and primarily streams MC.

FGmoo (Small streamer)